Southern Heaven Gate


There is a nearly 10m² gate between the tilted mountain and tough cliff along the southeastern side of Huangshi Village roads, facing the south. The stone path goes through the deep and narrow gate. Both sides are surrounded by wild trees, and the rosy clouds are slowly rising from the gate, which looks like the Southern Heaven Gate in the myth. It is even more surprising that there is a weird rock at the right side of gate. The rock is similar to the human body with about 20m tall and has nose and mouth. It is imposing and solemn, just as a general guarding the gate.

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Huangshi Zhai is located in the southwest of the world natural heritage—Wulingyuan Quartz Peak-forest. Quartz sandstone distribution zone that is suitable to constitute large peak-forest starts from the northwest of Huangshi Zhai, and stretches to the northeast direction until the edge of West Sea, Maple Valley.

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