Imperial Edict and the Precious Box

A 20m circular stone pillar is erected at the upper right of westward concave cliff terrace. The pillar is steep with a terrace on the top, and five pines are surrounded by a box-type rock, which is about 3m in length, 1.5m in width and 80cm in thickness. A stone slab with length and width equivalent to the box covers the rock, which is similar to box cover, has around 10cm in thickness, one half covers the rock and the other half hangs in the air. Two rocks look like an ancient half-opened treasure box. It is a legend that Huangshi’s sealed book are hidden inside the box. As a poem goes, “who knows the secret? Only the primitive men or the immortal know.” A circular stone pillar is erected at the right lower side of Entertainment Terrace, and two overlapped rocks with different thickness are on the top of pillar, resembling a half-opened treasure box. People can see a bold cliff after turning round, and white water logging marks are superimposed on the top, seeming like white silks with “ink marks”. It is said that this place is abandoned by King Xiang, and hence the name “Imperial Edict and the Precious Box”.


Imperial Edict and the Precious Box is located near the Entertainment Terrace, while the Entertainment Terrace is situated on a curved wall, has more than 20m in length and indents for over 2m. A dangerous rock is on the top as if it will collapse at any time. Deep valley and Chinese fir forest are at the bottom. This scenic spot is surrounded by a sea of forest, stone peaks, which are solid, thin and connection with ring arches. A jagged stone peak is erected at one hundred meters away from the northwest Entertainment Terrace. There is a terrace at the peak, and two stone slabs with length of around 3m and width around 1m are overlapping on it, which seems like a half-opened treasure box. It is surrounded by aged pines and has mysterious colors, and hence the name “Imperial Edict and the Precious Box”.


Imperial Edict and the Precious Box- On the way to Huangshi Village, there is an independent stone peak with a small terrace on the top, a three-dimensional rock is placed on the terrace, just like a box. However, the box is half opened, looking like the lost treasure box with sealed book. It is a legend that this is the “Imperial Edict and the Precious Box” lost by King Xiang.


As a legend goes, before the uprising, the Son of Heaven King Xiang once got a “sealed book” from the immortal Zhang Liang. However, when King Xiang only read for a few pages, the “Imperial Edict and the Precious Box” was stolen by the Golden Tortoise and left an empty box. The “sealed book” was stolen, “the secret of Heaven” was given away, and thus King Xiang failed. What a pity!


After going through extreme difficulties, Xiang Dakun finally found Iron Flute Deity, got Zhang Liang’s book on the art of war, and read under the Wick Rock. Perhaps he was too exhausted, he felt very tired and sore, and dozed off for a little while. At that time, a Golden Tortoise sneaked. It thought, “I shall take this opportunity to steal the sealed book away, become the emperor and live happily.” Then he put the sealed book into the treasure box and sneaked away. The moment he climbing down the mountain, he heard a shout from Iron Flute Deity, “which thief are you? How dare you to steal the sealed book?!” The Golden Tortoise quickly discarded the treasure box and backed the sealed book to runs away. Afterwards, Iron Flute Deity beat him with a flute, and the tortoise hung the sealed book on the cliff. Then he fled to the Huangshi Village. Iron Flute Deity locked the door, and then the tortoise failed to flee away, became rock and was imprisoned under the mountain. It was said that the tortoise could not return to the sea until fifty thousand years. The tortoise could not return to the sea, and had to accompany with the sea of clouds in Zhangjiajie. Later, this scenic spot is called as “Golden Tortoise Watching the Sea”.


When Xiang Dakun was awake, he found the sealed book was stolen, rapidly chased out, the box cover was half-opened, the treasure box was turned into rock and was placed on the opposite peak, and this is the famous scenic spot “Imperial Edict and the Precious Box”. He later searched around, and found the sealed book on the cliff near the treasure box. Therefore, the scenic spot is called “The Hanging Sealed Book”.


As some people said, the failure of King Xiang is partially caused by his failure of finishing reading the sealed books. If you have seen the empty box, you will definitely have pity for him!

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