When and which season are the most suitable for visiting the Huangshi Zhai?

All seasons are suitable. The tourists will watch various unique sceneries in different seasons. Besides, Huangshi Zhai is the preferred treasure for summer resort.

How far from Zhangjiajie Airport and the railway station to the city and Huangshi Zhai?

It takes 40 minutes to drive from Zhangjiajie Airport and the railway station by regular vehicle.

Whether the temperature of Huangshi Zhai is the same as the city? What’s the temperature difference?

The temperature of Huangshi Zhai is different from the city, and the temperature difference is about 2-3℃.

What are the cable cars in the travel journey of Huangshi Zhai? What are the respective fees?

There is only one cable car in Huangshi Zhai, namely, Huangshi Zhai Cable Car. The full round-trip ticket is 118 Yuan, full single-trip ticket is 65 Yuan, the round-trip ticket at reduced rate is 70 Yuan, and the single-trip ticket at reduced rate is 40 Yuan.

What are the appropriate clothes to wear at present?

In summer, it is appropriate to wear summer clothes. You’d better to take a coat so as to avoid raining and temperature drop in the scenic spot.

Can tourists pay by card at the ticket office?

Tourists can pay by card at the ticket office.

What’s the service time of Huangshi Zhai Cable Car?

The current service time is 07:00-18:00.

How long will tourists get to Huangshi Zhai by cable car?

It takes no more than 5 minutes to get to Huangshi Zhai by cable car.

How long do tourists travel the Huangshi Zhai?

If the tourists have sufficient time, it takes about 2 hours to walk from the Large Ring Village. If the tourists have insufficient time, it takes about half an hour to walk from the Small Ring Village.

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Huangshi Zhai is located in the southwest of the world natural heritage—Wulingyuan Quartz Peak-forest. Quartz sandstone distribution zone that is suitable to constitute large peak-forest starts from the northwest of Huangshi Zhai, and stretches to the northeast direction until the edge of West Sea, Maple Valley.

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