Huangshi Zhai Cableway

Huangshi Village Cableway adopts the most advanced technology in the current cableway industry, being featured by its safety, comfort and full interests (the solely five transparent cabin lifts within the territory of Mainland China). The cableways are famous around the world.

With the attitudes of “being responsible for the staff, the shareholders and the society”, Huangshi Village Cableway insists on providing safe and high-quality services since its operation, focuses on the common development path of enterprise brand and benefit, pays attention to learning and absorbing the advanced technologies and scientific managerial experience from domestic and overseas enterprises, sets up and faithfully carries out the development theory of “safety first and people foremost”, and finally realizes outstanding performance and benefits. The Company ranks among the well-known domestic cableways.

01 Huangshi Village Cableway has run for more than 30,000 hours, transported 1.5 million tourists, and cumulatively donated more than 3 million Yuan to the "Hope Project" and other public welfare programs. Over the past 14 years, Huangshi Village Cableway has never taken place a security incident and has safely operated for 9,100 hours. In addition to natural factors and equipment from their own reasons, more than 5 minutes of shutdown has never happened from 2011 to present, and the shutdown is less than once per month.

02 The Company has repeatedly won recognition from the higher authorities, has successively received Zhu Rongji, Li Peng, Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Wang Qishan, Wei Jianxing, Luo Gan, Jia Chunwang, Tang Jiaxuan, Cheng Siwei, Wang Zhaoguo, Wang Gang and other Party and state leaders; and also received Lien Chan, Wu Poh-hsiung, Chiang Pin-kung and other Taiwan politicians. In 2005, the Company was awarded the First Prize of Top Ten National Cableway by China Ropeway Association, successively granted “Top Ten Taxpayers” by Zhangjiajie City Government, “Integrity Enterprise” and “A-class Credit Unit” by Hunan Provincial Office, SAT,  Local Taxation Bureau and the Provincial Agricultural Bank of China, “Quality Management Demonstration Unit” by Zhangjiajie Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, “Loving Care Enterprise” by the Communist Youth League Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee and other honorary titles. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management certification, and China Ropeway Association granted the “5S” Cableway Certificate of safety services quality level rating to the Company in November 2011.

03 In 2012, the Company continued to hold the Fifth “Cup of Top Ten Tour Guides of Huangshi Village Cableway” competition in Zhangjiajie and a series of “Tour Guide Traveling Ten Thousand Miles Tour" activities. In 2011, we proposed a slogan of “Make Staff Happy”, strive to establish a fair, just and reasonable management mechanism, built the corporate culture beyond the enterprise system, advocate the concept of “only happy employees can create happy customers", and truly realize “people orientation”. Combined with the theme of “China Happy Health Tour in 2012” proposed by the National Tourism Administration in 2012, General Manager Zhang Jiayuan timely put forward the slogan of “Make Tourists Happy”, called on the Company to keep carrying out and deepen the creation activity of “Safe and Satisfied Tour to Zhangjiajie”, proposed by Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, in order to keep creating “Safe and Satisfied” activities and build “happy” culture, which not only make visitors enjoy satisfactory services, but also make visitors feel happier, and strive to cultivate safe culture and corporate culture with Huangshi Village scenic landscape, cableway characteristics and brand influences

Taking five steps forward,you feel great,seven steps forward,you feel amazing,more than ten steps forward,you will have no words to describe your feeling.
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Huangshi Zhai is located in the southwest of the world natural heritage—Wulingyuan Quartz Peak-forest. Quartz sandstone distribution zone that is suitable to constitute large peak-forest starts from the northwest of Huangshi Zhai, and stretches to the northeast direction until the edge of West Sea, Maple Valley.

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