Folk Literature

In Tujia Ethnic Minority, folk literature consists of folk songs, folk tales and folk proverbs. Folk songs are composed of Tima Song, Hand-waving Song, Crying Marriage Song, Song of Blocking Entrance, Beam Song and Weed-pulling Song of Gong and Drum.

Hand-waving Song consists of Human Origin Song, Ethnic Migration Song, Farming Labor Song and Heroic Story Song.

Crying Marriage Song includes Crying over Parents, Crying over Sisters and Crying over Flower Wearing. When the bride party is holding “Flower Wearing Feast”, wine cups are placed on the table of bride blocking entrance table, the bride party and the groom party ask and answer the Songs of Blocking Entrance.

When Tujia people pull weeds or transplant rice seedlings, they all sing Weed-pulling Songs of Gong and Drum, which are comprised of song opening, Yang Song and song end.

Zhangjiajie folk tales are very rich and funny. The mythologies and legends include Zhang Guolao and Li Guolao, Flood Ascending the Heaven; figure legends include Nine Horns, Eight Ears Pot; and scenery legends consist of Husband and Wife Rock, Admiral Rock.

There are a great variety of philosophical folk proverbs, such as “clouds of steamed bread, sunny days”, “a traveler shall not leave his personal belongings aside”, “Jar pickled sour carps, the best dish to entertain guests”, “to drink Chongyang wine, just visit Tujia people”, and so on.

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