Folk Arts in Zhangjia Jie

In Tujia Ethnic Minority, folk art consists of music, dance, drama and handicraft.

Music is comprised of Labor Songs, Leaf Play, Dongdong Flute and Beating Round Drum.

Folk dance consists of Hand-waving Dance, Funeral Dance and Bell Dance. In Tujia Ethnic Minority, large Hand-waving Dance is called “Maizehe”, whereas small Hand-waving Dance is called “Shebari”.

Tujia opera consist of Maogusi, Nuo Wishes Opera, Lantern Opera and Yang Opera. Maogusi is an original opera of Tujia Ethnic Minority. The Maogusi performers are composed of old Maogusi and little Maogusi, which are called “ancestors”. They wear straws with five braids in palm leaves. Maogusi has the movements of “hunting”, “earth cutting” and sowing seeds”.

Tujia handicraft is mainly categorized into Tujia brocade, cross-stitch work, embroidery, dyeing, weaving, carving, pottery, oil squeezing, wine making and architectural art. In spite of the generation inheritance, they are on the verge of extinction for various reasons, which is a regrettable matter.

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